The most efficient automation of distributed systems

In today’s systems engineering efforts are increasing quickly, pushed by distributed control, need for more visualisation and more data. The solution is automation software integrating modern technologies creatively applied.

Advance by efficiency

We provide greater intelligence and efficiency

nxtControl will fundamentally change the world of automation. Our customers will get a commercial advantage with our innovative products. That is our primary goal, we meet this challenge with creativity, pioneering spirit, persistence and comprehensive know-how.


nxtControls automation software is a clever mix of different technologies that work flawlessly together. For users, it is one single engineering-software, which they use to develop and manage projects.

Control logic of a distributed system, visualisation HMI / SCADA, I/O connection, simulation, test and documentation are all tasks performed by one and the same engineering tool.

It’s time for more intelligence

Today’s control technology is outdated. Future oriented concepts relay on systems with distributed intelligence. The IEC 61499 control technology is the right solution.

Control technology still used these days is older than 15 years and outdated. Future topics such as Smart Grid, Industry 4.0, Internet-of-Things, energy efficiency relay mainly on distributed intelligence. Most industrial applications are distributed systems or would offer significant advantages when modelled as distributed systems.

The appropriate control technology is the IEC 61499 for distributed control systems. Die IEC 61499 is the successor of the IEC 61131 and it eliminates their short comings in distributing control logic in a decentralised system. The programming languages are the same for both standards.

It’s time for more efficiency

Efficiency is the order of the day not only in energy consumption but also in engineering. The solution is an engineering tool that seamlessly integrates all automation tasks.

Distribution increases the complexity of control systems. We combine modern technologies to create innovative automation software for the most efficient engineering of distributed systems, irrespective of the purpose -  building automation, automation of machines and manufacturing lines or process automation.

We are worldwide technology leaders in the IEC61499 standard for distributed control systems.

As first suppliers, we have developed based on IEC 61499 with seamless integration from field level up to the SCADA level.