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Our proprietary control and visualisation software improves the automation of buildings, machines and processes.
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  • nxt4EVALControl solution for distributed systems

    Economical implemention for flexible machinery and manufactoring systems
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  • Industry 4.0 is in our DNAAutomation software for industry 4.0

  • Our hybrid solutionNot either-or but as well as

    Two control technologies are integrated, IEC 61499 and IEC 61131. A modern and open automation should ideally manage both standards.
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In focus


Making INDUSTRIE 4.0 Happen > powered by IEC 61499

We have talked a lot about Industry 4.0 and its promises. However, arriving at pragmatic solutions remains elusive. 

At the fair, we will show how Industry 4.0 becomes real thanks to the power of the IEC 61499 standard for distributed control systems.   

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nxtControls automation software is a clever mix of different technologies that work flawlessly together. For users, it is one single engineering-software, which they use to develop and manage projects.

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Intelligent engineering

  • One single engineering tool for all automation tasks
  • Seamlessly integrated HMI / SCADA
  • Automatically generated communication paths
  • Object-oriented engineering with pre-fabricated software objects
  • Simple solution for distributed controls systems
  • Common engineering of IEC 61499 & IEC 61131
  • Reduced complexity
  • Hardware independent engineering


Our products are unique. For distributed systems according to IEC 61499 they are the preferred solution for engineering independent of control hardware and for the integration of control and HMI/SCADA.





















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Control solution for distributed systems

New challenges need new solutions. A control solution for industry 4.0 must be flexible, deliver consistent data from the field to the cloud level, enable distribution of intelligence and master the complexity in engineering.

nxtControl already offers a path-breaking software solution meeting these challenges. With the nxt4EVAL the company is offering its first control hardware perfectly adjusted to the solution.

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