Even inner values need a face

NxT Technology HMIEven inner values need a face

Usually valuable HMI and SCADA solutions are built manually and they need additional servers, all of which is quite costly. A more cost-effective solution is a seamlessly integrated visualisation, which is just there and can run without additional servers.

A variety of visualisation devices are used for operating and monitoring of plant and equipment. nxtControl offers advanced runtime systems for HMI and SCADA applications.

The nxtControl concept builds on a multi-client / multi server visualisation. It gets by without additional servers. Each controller in the system provides the visualisation-clients with the exact same display and data of the devices it controls. Several visualisation clients can be registered and connected to one or several controllers. There is no one single-point-of-failure anymore. That is why we call it multi-client / multi-server visualisation.

As visualisation is an integrated part of the engineering tool and as CAT objects also include the visual appearance of devices, there is almost no engineering effort needed to build a visualisation application. The visualisation is just there – automatically.

Valuable and customized monitoring and operating tasks (HMI / SCADA) are really simply implemented. These applications can range from simple 2D images up to complex and dynamic 3D visualisation.

  • Room automation
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Operating systems

  • Windows 10

   based on .NET 3.5