Actions speak louder
than words

Building automation

Office building

Renovation of an office building

Room automation and control engineering of lighting, incorporating EtherCAT, KNX and DALI technology. Seamlessly integrated visualisation. Virtualised control hardware for easy commissioning, text and maintenance.


Automation of 4-star hotel with >200 rooms

Room automation and automation of heating, ventilation, cooling, monitoring of fire dampers and integration of Apple iPads as room control unit for suites. Automation of the ballroom with automatic adaptation of building technology with sliding walls. Seamlessly integrated visualisation. Virtualised control hardware for easy activation, testing and maintenance.



Shopping centre

Automation of heating and ventilation

Control engineering for several boilers, room-heating circuits, exhaust air systems and ventilation system. Seamlessly integrated visualisation.




Production hall

Building automation for production of premium cars

Control engineering and visualisation (HMI) of a huge production hall including: ventilation, heating, air-conditioning, supply of compressed air and technical gases as well as the smoke and heat exhaust system. Integration in existing supervisory system. Virtualisation of control hardware for easy activation, testing, and maintenance.



Computer centre

Automaton of offices and the server farm

Control engineering for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, lighting control and room automation and monitoring, metering, web-based operating and monitoring system.



Training centre

Office building with 140 rool cells with sliding walls

Control engineering and visualisation of heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, lighting, monitoring of energy distribution panel and monitoring of fire damper system. Integration in web-based visualisation.




Renovation of auditoriums

Control engineering and monitoring of ventilation and integration into visualisation system.



Branch stores

Solution for centralised branch control

Direct access to data and measurement readings of the single branch equipment. Centralised parameterisation and monitoring of stores.



Facility Management

Renovation and improvement of existing plants and buildings

On-going modernisation of control engineering and visualisation of regionally distributed facilities. Virtualisation of control hardware for easy activation, testing and maintenance.



Process automation

CO2 extraction

Control engineering and visualisation of a complete testing installation for testing the compressive strengths of mile-long steel pipes, applying the pressure of 1800 bars.



Fertilizer production plant

Refurbishment and automation of the automatic filling of silos, the pneumatic transport of different product units, the measurement and control of production reactors and visualisation of the plant. Field connection implemented by Profibus DP and virtualisation of hardware.




Industrie 4.0

Everybody is talking about it, but what is it all about? We say it’s about efficiency and adaptive systems with distributed intelligence – exactly our business

nxtControl is an enabling technology for trends like industry 4.0, Internet-of-Things, Smart Grid, Cloud Computing. It is a technology that connects these trends to the control and field level. Despite the increasing complexity of such systems with distributed intelligence, engineering with nxtControl remains manageable.