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Market breakthrough with IEC 61499 automation

nxtControl scores consistently high points with successful IEC 61499 projects. Customers in building and process automation benefit from increased efficiency and reduced costs.

nxtControl, a pioneer in ground-breaking IEC 61499 automation, presents further reference projects for both building and process automation. This is further proof that customers see nxtControl as the most efficient solution for applications with multiple distributed controllers.

Using a single engineering tool, the engineer configures all the control applications (IEC 61499), the HMI/SCADA system, the I/O connection and the documentation. This is object-oriented design "at its best", offering more efficient and cost-effective solutions than ever before.

Global trend

IEC 61499 is gaining increasing international acceptance. This is also confirmed by internationally recognised experts such as Dr. Valeriy Vyatkin, Associate Professor at the University of Auckland: "IEC 61499 is the better solution for all future automation tasks. There's no getting away from IEC 61499."

Horst Mayer, Director of nxtControl, couldn't agree more: "The markets have picked up significantly over the last few months and are much more dynamic. In addition to important OEM customers in Asia, major European customers are now also moving towards IEC 61499 and nxtControl. We're on the brink of a breakthrough."

nxtControl provides information about further significant projects

Building automation

In the new Park Royal Hotel, which looks out onto the famous Schönbrunn Palace, all building services are automated by means of nxtControl software. The overall system consists of a distributed system with numerous controllers and room control devices from various manufacturers, which are all equipped with nxtControl runtime systems. The luxury suites are resplendently finished with state-of-the-art room control via iPad. In order to provide perfect climate in the conference rooms which have sliding partitions, the building services for these flexible room sizes are supplied by an nxtControl solution which can be easily adjusted.

Process automation

TIMAC Agro, based in Pischelsdorf, Austria, produces 300,000 tons of liquid and granulated fertiliser each year. The existing production plant has been modernised with the aid of nxtControl software; silo filling, pneumatic transport to the individual production sections, and measurement and control of production reactors is now automated. In addition, nxtControl is also used to visualise the entire system including all hardware (controller, I/O terminals, motor starters). The nxtControl software significantly simplified start-up, diagnostics, and maintenance, as well as generating considerable cost savings compared to conventional solutions.