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10th anniversary of nxtControl GmbH

Horst Mayer and his small team of technicians started their journey mid 2007 with not much more than a lot of experience, a great idea and a good reputation as starting capital. From this initial situation it seemed quite presumptuously, to target a change in the world of industrial automation.

10 years of a unique vision

10 years of proving everything

10 years of persuading

10 years of top performance, individually and as a team

10 years remaining at the top of technology

10 years of inspiring customers

10 years of motivating investors

10 years of building a corporate culture that motivates everyone

10 years of creative, passionate and courageous innovation



Capable, creative, passionate and tenacious – these are the characteristics of a typical nxtControl employee. And only with these employees was it possible to implement the vision. Together we disseminated the IEC 61499 standard in the world of automation and positioned it as a real game-changer. With this technological innovation, we change the world of automation – exactly as stated in our original vision: “The nxt step in Automation”

Photos of celebration

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