Quick and save application development

NxT Technology LIBQuick and save application development

Thanks to pre-fabricated software objects, engineering becomes simpler, quicker and consistently of higher quality

Pre-fabricated software objects (CATs Composite Automation Types) offer the project engineer the benefit of developing his or her applications much quicker and in consistently high quality. Moreover, already established solutions could be re-used without limitations.

The so-called CAT (Composite Automation Type) represents real devices and functions as software objects in the engineering tool.

CAT includes all aspects of the real device including:

CONTROL LOGIC / control engineering according to IEC 61499 or IEC 61131


 HMI / SCADA with symbols, faceplates, etc.


of the hardware-specific inputs/outputs







Summing up...


Application libraries

A selection of CATs representing devices and functions used in specific application or industries are consolidated in libraries. Even hardware components (control hardware of a certain vendor) are reproduced as CAT and offered as libraries.

The customer gets a set of exactly the software-objects he needs for his specific type of application. To keep flexibility in addition to it, the engineer can build his own CATs encapsulating his special know-how.

Building automation

Process automation

Machine automation