We realize talented people together advanced automation software. They feel the same values​​.

  • Integrity - we deal with customers and employees is based on mutual trust, honesty andprofessionalism.
  • Personal responsibility - Our employees take ownership for their work area, for the success of the team and the enthusiasm that we want to achieve with clients.
  • Space and team spirit - Every employee has a large open space in the design andimplementation of its creative solutions. The value the individual performance of each individual to know, but that the company's success is only possible as a team effort.
  • Technical Leadership - Our staff are among the best in their profession. You can not find other solutions. Driven by curiosity, a thirst for knowledge and customer requirements,they occupy themselves with latest technologies and maintain our technological edge.

Here are our current vacancies ...

Software developer for WEB

  • design and development of WEB-based editor systems
  • design and development of WEB visualization systems 
  • design and development of WEB control libraries
  • development of the product portfolio
  • participation in research projects


Software developer .NET/C#

  • Application development for framework and editors of an automation software
  • Design and development of .NET / C# based SCADA systems
  • Design and development of .NET / C# control libraries
  • Further development of the product portfolio
  • Participation in research projects


System engineer for customer systems

  • System design-in for customers
  • System consulting
  • Project management
  • Technology transfer
  • Collaboration in product management