Most efficient engineering for distributed systems

NxT Technology IDEMost efficient engineering for distributed systems

Engineering efforts are increasing quickly in modern applications. Distributed control topologies, more visualisation and a greater reliance on data are pushing towards this. The solution is an engineering tool for seamlessly integrating all automation tasks.

The engineering tool offers the most efficient engineering of distributed systems. It seamlessly integrates all automation tasks in one single tool, offers pre-fabricated software libraries, enables hardware-independent engineering and uses IEC 61499 as well as IEC 61131 as their control paradigm.

With the engineering tool engineers can build their applications quickly and with consistent quality. Additional cost savings are created by separating  the lifecycles of hardware and software.

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Even the following automation tasks can be fulfilled with the engineering tool:


 The control logic of a machine, equipment, process or building can be programmed, loaded on a controller or even distributed to several controllers.




 The application can be tested and simulated without real installation


 The corresponding visualisation for operation and management is integrated




 The documentation for the whole project is built automatically


 The software application is connected to the real world I/O environment




 The communication paths between controllers as well as between controllers and visualisation clients are built automatically by the nxtSTUDIO

Two basic procedures are feasible:

with PRE – FABRICATED software objects / software libraries

Application development with CATs (pre-fabricated software objects) for a quick implementation and consistent quality by the use of repeatedly used established solutions. Application development is supported by many features aiming to reduce error sources and ease work.

with SELF-DEVELOPED software objects

Application development with self-developed software objects for maximum flexibility and maximum individual creativity.

Extract of function list / highlights:

  • programming of control engineering, HMI/SCADA, field connection, documentation, simulation, test in one single tool
  • automatically build communication paths between controllers in a distributed network
  • automatically build communication paths between controllers and HMI
  • multi-client / multi-server visualisation without additional servers
  • multi-user engineering
  • automatically built documentation, including diagrams, with cross-referencing
  • direct data exchange between controllers and SQL databases
  • and much more


  • control technology according to IEC 61499 and IEC 61131
  • Plug-in framework based on .NET
  • project storage in standardised XML format
  • programming language Structured Text
  • hardware abstraction with virtualised hardware

Operating systems

  • Windows 10