Event-driven or cyclic control paradigm? WHATEVER!

NxT Technology RTEvent-driven or cyclic control paradigm? WHATEVER!

One is better for distributed control and simple connection to the IT-world and the other for centralised control. To be on the safe side, we offer both and more. IEC 61499 or IEC 61131 or IEC 61499 + IEC 61131

The applications developed with the engineering tool are downloaded to one or several distributed controllers.

In order to enable the controllers execute the control logic, nxtControl offers highly efficient and highly portable runtime systems for controllers. These runtime systems are optimised for distributed control systems and implemented according to IEC 61499 standard. Several runtime extensions such as OPC-UA server and WEB server are available as options.

In addition to that, nxtControl has developed a special HYBRID runtime system, which helps the controller to execute both IEC 61499 and IEC 61131 programs.

For easy integration in supervisory systems and IT-systems, all data and events are time-stamped within the controllers, as early and precisely as possible. The exchange of data between databases and controllers can occur directly by way of the controllers.

Die Auswahl der Plattformen wird stetig erweitert. Ebenfalls verfügbar sind Portierungen auf kundenspezifische Steuerungen. Damit wird kundenspezifische und standardisierte Steuerungshardware interoperabel. In einem verteilten System kann z.B: eine spezifische Maschinensteuerung mit einer handelsübliche Standardhardware kommunizieren (ohne zusätzlichen Engineering-Aufwand).

Operating systems