Design-operations for CPSoS of large-scale distribution and logistics

1-SWARMDesign-operations for CPSoS of large-scale distribution and logistics

1-SWARM project focuses on the design-operations for CPSoS with the specific focus on industrial sector of large-scale distribution and logistics. The project aims at achieving industrially acceptable level of robustness of CPSoS whose operation emerges as “Swarm Intelligence”.

1-SWARM’s solution will span across different steps of the value chain, connecting intelligence through the digital domain to maximize their effectiveness and reliability. The objective is to provide a methodological and technological framework, modular and re-usable (“Swarm Intelligence DevOps Framework”), for the engineering of the three major aspects of CPSoS:

a. The HW/SW runtime platform that sustains their operations;

b. The distributed and orchestrated Intelligence that guarantees their autonomic behavior;

c.  The extension of their “existence” into the cyber-domain for a full life-cycle approach.

Key to the exploitability of 1-SWARM’s result is the demonstration of its potentialities for 4 different application scenarios, whose requirements come from cross-domain use-cases, whose variability allows extensive validation of the project technologies:

1. Manufacturing CPSoS for food packaging;

2. Logistics CPSoS for reconfigurable material handling;

3. Fleets of intelligent AGVs in complex dynamic environment;

4. Aerial drones flock for extensive monitoring of retails shops.

Strong of its open and standard-based approach, 1-SWARM will create an international collaborative framework for the CPSoS domain, supporting extensively relevant standardization activities.



1-SWARM's Swarm Intelligence DevOps Framework

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 723698.

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