Automation software for industry 4.0

Industry 4.0
is in our DNAAutomation software for industry 4.0

nxtControl makes machines and facilities fit for industry 4.0

Flexible | Modular | Efficient

nxtControl has the requested automation technology for industry 4.0 in hand. The automation software offers a solution for the challenges of modern production facilities. Industry 4.0 is grounded in the DNA of nxtControl.

  • Easily distributed intelligence respectively control logic based on a standardised technology, the IEC 61499 for distributed control systems
  • A hardware abstraction layer separates the application software from the hardware to get the flexibility needed. The life-cycles of software and hardware are optimized
  • The most efficient engineering for distributed and integrative facilities and systems with path-breaking usability and functions to master the increasing complexity
  • An object oriented engineering with software objects representing real devices including all their aspects. The CPS implementation in nxtControl software.
  • The seamless integration from field to cloud level provides more and better data. Full transparency to facilitate better decisions making.

Distributable intelligence / control logic

More and more devices should become intelligent to autonomously inform, adapt and control each other. With nxtControl this control logic is distributed to devices by simple drag-&-drop. The cross communication between the intelligent devices is established fully automatically.

flexible – simple – adaptive – modular

Data consistency

More and better data from the field level is needed to optimize production and energy management. With nxtControl accurate data is delivered consistently to superordinate systems i.e. cloud services, thanks to the time-stamping within the intelligent devices. The communication paths are established automatically.

consistent – efficient  – simple – economical

Efficient engineering

Industry 4.0 requirements lead to additional complexity. Integrated and consistent engineering tools are needed. nxtControl offers the most efficient engineering tool to master the requirements of industry 4.0 control technology. The tool reduces complexity to a minimum thanks to a comprehensive horizontal and vertical integration.

efficient – flexible – simple – integrated

Object orientation

The CPS (cyber-physical-systems) are basic modules of industry 4.0. With nxtControl the corresponding devices and functions are represented as software objects. This software objects include all aspects of these devices: intelligence / control logic, visual display, I/O connection, test, simulation and documentation – or even additional aspects, which can be easily integrated thanks to nxtControl’s flexible framework.

simple – modular – efficient – consistent 


Hardware abstraction

The flexible choice of devices and components is a pre-requisite for an economical construction and operation of automated facilities. Often the dependency of software and hardware prevents the needed freedom of choice and the desired cost savings. With nxtControl engineering is done without respect to the hardware. Hardware and application software are separated. Separated life cycles of hardware and software offer big potential for cost optimization.

economical – flexible  – reusable – freedom of choice

Industry 4.0 factories are intelligent, highly efficient and adaptive. They are integrated along the value chain and even interconnected beyond company boarders. By that, single individually customized items can be produced economically. 

Industry 4.0 characteristics are:

  • Horizontal integration all over the value chain
  • Vertical integration and interconnected production facilities
  • Digital consistent integration in engineering

The corresponding automation technology is based on CPS (cyber-physical-systems) and the IoT (Internet-of-Things). Several challenges need to be addressed.

Equipment, storage systems and devices shall be come intelligent as CPS and shall be interconnected to each other

  • These CPS shall autonomously exchange information and control each other
  • Consistent data transparency shall be ensured to facilitate optimal decision-making
  • Engineering must be consistent and dynamic; production shall be quickly adaptable and flexible